Monday, July 25, 2011

15+ Top Best Free News Blogger Themes

15+ Top Best Free News Blogger Themes. It features a 1 column, 2 column, 3 column, layout and Top and banner Module positions. Top Tactics for Advantageous blogging To Compose Your News Magazine, 15 Best Free Blogger Templates. Here we have 15 templates you can download for free and use on your Blogger. The Top 15 List. The best blogger templates for News.

Magazine Templates Are Great For News And Tech Blogs. iTech News is a free blogger template adapted from WordPress with 3 columns. 15 Best Free Blogger Templates. This is one the best blogger templates that is being designed for magazine and news blogs. 15 Free High Quality Blogger Templates, theme is created for money making , finance , stock market and news niche blogger blogs.

Some of them you have to use twitter to download theme / template, so please first login to your twitter account to download all the themes/template packs in here. enjoy!

1. NewsFocus

     NewsFocus blogger templates

2. NewsSense

     NewsSense blogger templates

3. NewsMore

    NewsMore blogger templates

4. Blogger Newspaper

     Blogger Newspaper blogger templates

5. NewsPoint

     NewsPoint blogger templates

6. News Community

     News Community blogger templates

7. Games News

     Games News blogger templates

8. NewsSlide

     NewsSlide blogger templates

9. Online News

     Online News blogger templates

10. FashionNews

     FashionNews blogger templates

11. Wire News

     Wire News blogger templates 

12. Elegant News

     Elegant News blogger templates

13. Blue News

     Blue News blogger templates

14. Just News

     Just News blogger templates

15. Sporty Magazine

     Sporty Magazine blogger templates

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