Friday, July 29, 2011

Most Beautiful A Free HTML5 And CSS3 Theme

Most Beautiful A Free HTML5 And CSS3 Theme. HTML5 and CS3 is hot topics for web developers right now. Especially CSS3, because it’s so much easier to build beautiful websites. HTML5 is also so much nicer than HTML4. We have collected best free HTML5 wordpress themes. A free HTML5 and CSS3 theme. Free HTML5 and CSS3 WordPress Themes.

We've gathered all of the latest and best HTML5 and CSS3. Every one of the themes listed here is free, so you're sure to find an I hope this list helps you to build beautiful, fast, mobile and media-friendly websites. Wonder how badly most of these are padded with xhtml.

It wasn’t the plan to actually release this theme, but it was so fun to make and I really like it, so I want to share it with all of you. You are free to use this theme for any purpose – both private and commercial. You’re allowed to remove the credit link in the footer.


* Uses HTML5 and CSS3
* Awesome design with a hot pink color!
* Fully working Ajax PHP contact form
* Modernizr for enabling of HTML5 elements & feature detects
* Respond.js – a lightweight polyfill for min/max-width CSS3 Media Queries
* Uses Droid Serif, loaded from Google Fonts, for the headings
* IE6 & IE7 warning (can easily be edited to IE6 only or removed)
* Free to use! (: – It’s released under New BSD License. The license is included in license.txt

The theme has been tested in all major browsers and it’s awesome! It looks a bit funny in IE6 and IE7, but who cares?

Most Beautiful A Free HTML5 And CSS3 Theme

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