Sunday, August 21, 2011

20 Fantastic And Pretty vBulletin Themes

20 fantastic and pretty vBulletin themes. The best way to increase the interactivity between the users of your website is to keep a forum where they can share their views and adding more content on your website. There are quite a few platforms to the forum but VBulletinn clearly took the lead against all because of the amazing capabilities of advanced. There are many themes on Hitskin that look a lot like the vbulletin themes. Here are 20 fantastic and pretty vBulletin themes which I gather from various sources, which can be a source of inspiration for anda.VBulletin not enjoy the kind of passion that developers have to Wordpress and it is one of a weld that not many free vBulletin themes.

Ladang Baru as a jungle like header which adds a fresh feel to it. You can buy this theme for mere $2.

Web Point is a premium vBulletin theme with a Fixed/Fluid Width and a cool neat layout.

Crytal Clean is a light color theme with a special focus given on logo.

Litearth is another theme from Sultan’s and this theme is suitable for a non-professional forum.

Shine Style is also a premium theme and it has got nice glossy logo at the top.

Minty Fresh is a fresh theme with a dark header.

Badadila has used slightly unconventional colors which is not of everyone’s taste though.

Vivid Stripes has a header which has Justskins like stripes and probably that’s the reason why it’s here on this list :)

Clan Style is a little grim looking theme which will go fine for gaming stuff.

Arctyc is a very neat and clean theme with all the required elements demonstrated on the header.

Vista Ready theme is inspired from Windows Vista but it needs some more refinement.

Centra uses a mix of dark blue and light green to create a unique feel.

vBskin is a very nice theme with vista like borders.

These are the forums of Otakuworks which is a website dedicated to Manga.

Rough Stuff is the only free theme so far and it is great to host a forum on entertainment or gaming.

Saline is a a nice theme if you don’t want it for a professional website.

It is a custom theme designed by PSDtovB for Blindnerd.

TotallyProSkin is a professional looking theme made by CompletevB.

LAZYboy is a nice serene blue theme which has a glowing Logo.

This is another $2 skin for vBulletn from Sultan theme.

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